If you are comfortable with a command line, you can use a command prompt or terminal window to ftp files.  (Command prompts really aren’t that scary, as you’ll soon see!)  Using the ‘help’ command from within ftp will provide more commands than I will outline here, but this should be enough to get you started.

This howto outlines the places where input is required in red.

IMPORTANT: First off, change your directory into the location of the file, or files, that you wish to upload.

ftp ftp.aulithotech.org:  This is the command that will invoke your connection to our FTP server.  Type this into a command prompt, or Terminal window, followed by your username and password.

bin: This turns on binary mode.  If you don’t use this command, there is a good chance the files you transfer will become corrupt.

hash: Print hash (#) marks while transfers are in progress.  This is just so you can see that progress is being made.

prompt: Turn off interactive mode, which just means if you’re uploading a number of files with the “mput” command, you don’t have to type ‘yes’ for every file that you transfer. I find that this can be extremely helpful.

Now that you’re logged in and things are set up, you are ready to transfer some files!

mkdir <foldername>:  Make a directory (eg: folder), to put your files into.

cd <foldername>:  Change directory into that folder.

put <filename> or mput <filename with wildcards>: This command will upload a file from the directory that you typed “ftp <hostname>”.  You can change the directory from ftp by using the ‘lcd’ command. (local change directory)

That’s it!  That’s all there is to it!  Good luck, and enjoy!