We are pleased to be able to offer services in the area of variable data!

What is needed to do a variable data job:

  • A design submitted in PDF, or InDesign format. (An InDesign package is preferable, as our software is InDesign based, and if a PDF is supplied, we will place the PDF in InDesign.)
  • A plain text CSV/TSV or Excel “database” containing all the information you wish to appear on your document.

Example of a sample plain text CSV:
Name,Address 1,Address 2,City,State,Zip
John Doe,1234 Some St.,,Some Town,MI,49104-1234
Jane Doe,4321 Some St.,,Some Town,MI,49104-1234

Our capabilities:
Addressing (Putting addresses on documents. eg: postcards)
Naming (Printing customized names directly on documents.)
Variable Graphics (eg: Trading Cards, Personalized Advertisements, etc.)

We are unable to do personalized envelopes at this time.